Exhibition History 2022

Mc untitled red fish opening page 720 1019
Michael Crespo
Hd untitled for t ctc wd 10
Hamlett Dobbins
One Part of My Small Story
Gd trike 10 web
George Dombek
Barns, Bikes & Ferns
Lh addiction stain one day 10
Leslie Holt
Don't Let the Sun
Bk dessert 10 opening
Vacation Dreaming
Ph doi moi 10 opening
Pinkney Herbert
Vital Signs
Rr untitled l943 10 opening
Rana Rochat
new panels
Jr eden with tristan farnon 10 opening
John Roberts
Nothing Ever Goes Unseen
Kr otherworld flora 8 18 22
Kit Reuther
Ry truant 10
Robert Yasuda
Transparent and Translucent
Ct raptor 10
Carroll Todd
written on the water
Maysey Craddock
once a river, once a sea
We the reception 4
William Eggleston
The Reception: 1970
De periphery 3 10 adj
Don Estes
Ksw magicians union 10
Kelly S. Williams
Gm pointer 10 opening
Greely Myatt
Pointing Fingers and Flinging Bricks
Tc a 10 opening
Tim Crowder
No Title Necessary
Lj sojourn 10 opening
Summer Stories
pictures & recommendations
Be small hydrangea ii 10 opening
Beth Edwards
Rr crosswinds 10
Robert Rector
New Horizons
Lh hang in there oxy 10
Leslie Holt
An Intimate Grammar
Jared Small
New Works in Oil on Plexiglass

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