Exhibition History 2016

Mc Baying The Rose
Michael Crespo
watercolors: lifting out
As Fern Girl
Anne Siems
Works on Paper
Dlg Tillman 2
Hf Unt 25718
Huger Foote
now here then
Kr 1304
KIt Reuther
trending geometric
Bb Setting Sun Lews Place
Bruce Brainard
a brightness of hope
Ph Knotty
Pinkney Herbert
knotty time
Tc Americana
Tim Crowder
Ksw The Best Caftan
Kelly S Williams
the playbook
Hd Unt For Iv Cb
Hamlett Dobbins
i will have to tell you everything
Hsm The Master
Hans Schmitt-Matzen
the embodied line
Cw Orange Violet
Carlyle Wolfe
Mc River And Tide
Maysey Craddock
unfolding shores
Bf To Be Born Again
Beth Foley
murders, misfits and other unpleasantries
Vr Dark Clouds Edged In Gold
Veda Reed
day into night
Kjs Chance 020
K J Schumacher
fragments and a game of chance
Kh Okeanos Xxxii
Kathleen Holder
Pr Sunlightandreflections 1
Peggy Root
love of place
Rm Auto Auto Harp Harp
Rob Matthews
dawn-watchers watch for the dawn
Tf Two Magpies 4 14 16
Ted Faiers
scene paintings from the 1940s
Mbs Art Stormer
Art Stormer
A Show of Hand
Js Waders
Kr 3 Triangles
KIt Reuther
wseights & modules
Gm Tn Snowball Sprintime Blossoms Lazy Daisy Petal Quilt Wheel Of Fortune
Greely Myatt
whatnots (and geegaws)
Js Brick House
Jared Small

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