Fall Trees with Green House

Daily Art

Freida Hamm
Fall Trees with Green House
1997 | oil on paper | 32.5x40.5 | $24000

Houses and trees capture Freida Hamm’s imagination. Through her color choices and brushwork, she is able to reveal something deeper about the character of the place, its generations of memories, the temperature of the day, and even the smell of the air.

In Fall Trees with Green House the afternoon sun is settling down igniting the leaves and grasses with bright golds while a little green house is nestled in the wind-dancing forest. Memories of hanging laundry with your mom, running around the house with your cousins, and the dog bounding in the yard flood your mind. It’s the kind of afternoon day that just looks like a great imagined adventure.

Within the heart of every true artist is the desire to make known his or her deepest thoughts and feelings. A writer has good reason to envy a painter. A writer must use words to convey ideas and emotions, words that come from a common language. A painter, and in particular, Freida Hamm, continually creates her own unique language. The fact that her visual vocabulary is derived – both consciously and unconsciously – in part from the languages of other artists does not diminish its originality. Here, a burst of Kandinsky color – there, a Birchfield tree or a house or a fence – occasionally, a Kohlmeyer playfulness with shapes and forms – yet, the voice in each of Freida Hamm’s paintings speaks above and beyond any influence. Alice Bingham, excerpted from an essay in Renee Pembroke’s book “Freida Hamm”

Hamm has called Selmer, Tennessee home for most of her eighty-some years. As an adult student she graduated with honors from the Memphis College of Art and received an MFA from the University of Memphis.