Exhibition History 2017

Tlw Tantalus
Tad Lauritzen Wright
the politics of power
Ct Church In The Valley
Carroll Todd
Lh Unspeakable Sabine
Leslie Holt
Rr Unt L865
Rana Rochat
new work
Db Memphis Map
Dwayne Butcher
De The Burning 1
Don Estes
bluff poem
Bc Untitled Sktech 353
Burton Callicott
line and shadow: estate drawings
Js Abstract Storm
Jack Spencer
this land, an american portrait
Tyler Hildebrand
the retirement party
Gm  Mark
Greely Myatt
making marks
Gd Fayette County Barn
George Dombek
recent paintings
Ds The Ringtailed Cat
Dorothy Sturm
full circle: stories on paper
Hd Unt For Mrm Jn Dgg
Hamlett Dobbins
I will have to tell you everything
Cw Pecan Branches
Carlyle Wolfe
Hsm Johns Cobra
Hans Schmitt-Matzen
the leviathan
Js Dearborn
Jack Spencer
this land, and american portrait
El Song Of The Field And Sun
Emily Leonard
Hf One Fifteen Past Midnight
outsider artist: bridging communities
Be Arriving At Night
Hildebrand Waymore34
Tyler Hildebrand
the retirement party
Ce Cielito Lindo 27953
Catherine Erb
thin air
Mbs Architectural Addendum Rohe
Mark Bradley-Shoup
after the reconstruction
As The Birds
Anne Siems

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