Exhibition History 2021

Tf lovers 30671 10
Ted Faiers
In Conversation
Js f fig 10
John Salvest
Be flowers in vase i 10
Beth Edwards
Rr mohawk 10
Robert Rector
Dream Machines
Al armiceae cichorium 8 shot 10
Alex Lockwood
Watch for My Signals
Tc 8 black grid blue waves 10
Tim Crowder
Hf untitled 13 10 b
Huger Foote
Light Is A Place
Gm veil 9 17 21cropped 10
Greely Myatt
Better Than a Stick in the Eye
We 4 10 adjusted
William Eggleston
The Reception: 1970
Js transition 10
Jared Small
Tlw repeating it perfectly undone again adj
Tad Lauritzen Wright
Poetics of Gesture
Al i am disabled communicate with me 10
Alex Lockwood
Watch for My Signals
We man with cigar 10
William Eggleston
For Lucia, Series
Rr untitled l926 10
Rana Rochat
New Work
Ms rock of the westies 10
Mary Sims
Still Lives 1985-1995
Rm false prophet locke 10
Rob Matthews
How Lonely Sits the City That was Full of People
Doa supernova 10
David Onri Anderson
Ce marble 5 10
Catherine Erb
Acts of Kindness
Js white room 10 adjusted
Jack Spencer
New Photographs & Sculpture
Bk it was her birthday 10
Bill Killebrew
After the Big Tree Fell
Tf yellow green blue figure 10 adj
Ted Faiers

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