Exhibition History 2018

Js Yellow And White
Jared Small
Tf On The Beach
Ted Faiers
talk, talk, talk: late 70s
Lj Remembrance
Libby Johnson
Rm Variations Of Rahno 9
Rob Matthews
peace like a fever
Kr Abstract 1400
Kit Reuther
abstracted still life
Ph Arcadia
Pinkney Herbert
Js Black Walnut Detail 1
John Salvest
Southern Obscura 5
Jeane Umbreit
Southern Obscura
Dlg Dailyart Exhibition Card
Daily Art
As Lizards And Snake
Anne Siems
Ms Unt Two Lilies
Mary Sims
All of a Piece
Rr Untitled 29081
Robert Rector
Paper: 45 Years
Mc Fade Into Rust 10
Maysey Craddock
Dm 2018 C
Derrick Meads
may i have nothing
De Delta Burn
Don Estes
Tc Making Friends 10 New
Tim Crowder
making friends
Mc The Pathless Woods
Maysey Craddock
suspended terrains
Ksw The Next Solar System
Kelly S. Williams
stars align
Gd Moonlight
George Dombek
recent paintings
Caroline Alison September10Ocean
guest curated by Sam Easley and Jason Owen
Doa Appear Disappear Paper Lantern
ripple | nature | bodies
David Onri Anderson, Christina Renfer Vogel, K J Schumacher
Bd Football Bloom No 1
Brandon Donahue
No Look Past
Kr Skeleton And Scarecrow
Kit Reuther
Flight To  Egypt Small
Rob Matthews
Everything is a Nail
Js Magenta Peonies 10
Jared Small
In Dimension

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