Basketball Bloom (Team USA)

Brandon Donahue

Brandon Donahue is a rad artist whose exhibit RIP is currently hanging at Elephant Gallery. I wrote this story for about Elephant and its artists, including Brandon. We discuss his Basketball Blooms, but mostly stick to RIP, Brandon's experience working as an airbrush artist, and the way to memorialize victims of gun violence while also celebrating their lives. And mussels.

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George Dombek | Recent Paintings

This poem fragment makes an appearance in the final pages of the book as an epigraph from younger sister Boo Boo to brother Seymour to commemorate his wedding day and resurrects an age-old pastoral sentiment among a modern audience. Through the use of metaphor, Salinger cleverly interweaves the structure of carpentry and the emotion of matrimony to represent the weighty potential of what is yet to come for the newlyweds, yes, but more important for the cast of characters as a whole who do not yet know what the reader knows: that Seymour will commit suicide a few years later.

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Js Al  Little In  The  Field

Jack Spencer

For renowned photographer Jack Spencer, Mississippi-born and Nashville-residing, the image captured by his camera, be it a digital file or a negative, has always been a jumping-off point. It’s in the “wet” or “digital” darkroom, as he refers to them, where those images come alive.

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Five Places to Go in Nashville

Big bucks aren’t necessary to buy a piece of high-caliber contemporary American art: that’s the premise of this light flooded art gallery with soaring wood ceilings, which the seasoned art gallerist David Lusk opened in a former truck mechanic business in 2014. In fact, it was this venue from the Memphis-based gallerist that helped generate interest in the neighborhood. Mr. Lusk’s collection includes paintings, photographs and sculptures, and he takes pride in having a close relationship with the close to three dozen artists he sells. Several Nashville natives are part of the mix, including Kit Reuther, who is known for her abstract paintings and sculptures in muted tones. Prices from $500.

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A Mirror World

Memphis artist Maysey Craddock captures vanishing coastlines and wetlands

Maysey Craddock’s landscape paintings embrace liminality: the sacred, transformative threshold between what was and what is to come. The Memphis artist’s recent work explores the tenuous borders between land and water, particularly the vanishing coastlines along Perdido Bay in Alabama, Lake Martin in Louisiana and wetlands along the Mississippi River, landscapes that because of natural processes and human influence, constantly shift between disintegration and reclamation.

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Bon 2

72 Hours of Blues, Brews and Barbecue in Memphis

Now that you’ve fuelled up for the day, it’s time to hit up some galleries. First up is the intimate contemporary art space, David Lusk Memphis. Displaying a wide range of styles and techniques, David Lusk aims to promote up-and-coming local and national artists. Previous artists include William Eggleston, Leslie Holt, and Dwayne Butcher. Check out the gallery’s past and upcoming exhibitions here.

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As Frames

Destination: Nashville

Nearby David Lusk Gallery, based in Memphis but finding itself comfortably at home in Tennessee, featured a late-2017 exhibition from Berlin-native Anne Siems in a series of striking and intimate abstract paintings of women and children (“Two Corals” is a masterpiece). Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, the Johannesburg-based artist who has exhibits at the Tate Modern and Fondation Louis Vuitton in her growing portfolio, explores the lives of the exiled (including her own father) in “The Beginning of Stories,” on view at Seed Space, founded in 2010 by Tennessee-based artist Adrienne Outlaw.

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Js Blue  Door Copy

Jared Small

Gorgeous … but lonely. This is the work of American artist Jared Small. All of these dark ‘n stormy oil paintings are part of his latest show, titled ‘Dimension’. If you happen to be in or near Memphis. you can see this work and meet Jared… tomorrow, Saturday January 20th at 11am, Jared will be doing a talk at the  David Lusk Gallery in Memphis {97 Tillman St.}. Pop by if you can!

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636166293346028355 Mc Archipelago

2018 southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art

The 2018 edition of southXeast: contemporary southeastern art is the fifth edition of the only regularly occurring curated exhibition in Florida that presents a selection of innovative art made by artists living in the southeast. Devoid of thematic ballast, the exhibition has the simple aim that our students and other audiences might benefit by seeing high quality artwork not commonly or ever seen in South Florida and/or Miami, a growing international center of contemporary art activity. The exhibition also seeks to present a diversity of approaches to contemporary art making while also representing specific studio art disciplines that are taught in FAU’s Department of Visual Arts and Art History.    

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