Artist Spotlight: Kit Reuther

Kit Reuther is a local painter and sculptor whose latest exhibit, Unruly, employs utilitarian materials like packing pillows, spray paint, and styrofoam to create a body of work that is at once minimal and arresting. In contrast to the muted still lifes of her early career, Unruly sees Reuther creating bold—and often unsettling—found object pieces that speak to life in 2018.

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Brandon Donahue at David Lusk Gallery in Nashville

Nashville-based artist Brandon Donahue is one of the city’s busiest, most prolific creators. His exhibition “No Look Past,” on view at the Nashville outpost of David Lusk Gallery through September 29, is the artist’s third solo exhibition this year, following “Outta Bounds” at Vanderbilt University’s Space 204 and “RIP” at Elephant Gallery. Donahue’s multimedia practice has produced two very different shows so far this year, and the artist’s followers have learned to not assume they know what to expect from him.

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David Onri Anderson

The first thing you noticed upon entering painter David Onri Anderson’s exhibition at Elephant Gallery, “Earthbound,” was the smell of rich, moist soil. The second was the sod that carpeted the space. At the opening, visitors were encouraged to take off their shoes so they could feel the grass between their toes. Children climbed up small artificial hills. Billed as a painting show, the exhibition offered an unexpectedly multisensory experience.

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Designer Spotlight: Sean Anderson

A designer with unequivocal style and natural given talent worthy of recognition, who also happens to be a very dear friend of mine....Simply put, Sean Anderson is an interior design mastermind. Forging the right path for himself through the freedom to be unafraid in doing his best places his taste and remarkable work ethic into a niche in and of itself. Fresh, functional, black, white, classic and contemporary — It’s a timeless mingling of the old and the new. His stunning portfolio lives on through individually unique interiors that each capture the collected beauty of the soul calling it home. No two will ever be the same.

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Pinkney Herbert: 30 Years of Painting

If you've never seen a Pinkney Herbert painting, now is your chance to see a lot of them. Herbert's work, including drawings, is on view in two shows: "Distilled: The Narrative Transformed" at Crosstown Arts and "Arcadia" at the David Lusk Gallery. "It's all about Pinkney," jokes Herbert, 64. "I've got the big head. It's all me." Herbert's work has been displayed in national and international collections and in the permanent collections at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, and other museums. Herbert, who taught painting and drawing at Rhodes College and the University of Memphis, is founding director of the Marshall Arts alternative gallery. He's president of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts-France, a residency program in Auvillar, France.

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Crawl Space: June 2018

One of the June openings I’m most excited about is the Vestige photography show at David Lusk Gallery. Vestige is guest-curated by Sam Easley and Jason Owens, and the show features a selection of works that speak to the human impact on natural environments without actually focusing on people at all. The results read like an environmental impact study, an anthropology exhibition and a crime-scene investigation all at the same time. I prefer art that asks questions about complicated problems over works that vainly struggle to offer answers, and I’m hoping there will be lots to talk about here. Vestige’s ace roster includes Caroline Allison, Coriana Close, Kevin Cooley, John Duckworth, William Eggleston, Catherine Erb, Huger Foote, Kristi Hargrove, Shannon Randol, Kathleen Robbins, Jack Spencer, Jeane Umbreit and William Wegman.

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Pinkney Herbert Pollination Celebration Pastel Mixed Media On Paper 96X 110 In  1993 1

Pinkney Herbert — Distilled: The Narrative Transformed

A 30-year survey of Pinkney Herbert’s vibrant body of work. This exhibition tracks Herbert’s transition from his narrative beginnings through the development of a personal abstract vocabulary that both thrills and seduces the viewer. Opening reception: Saturday, May 26, 6-9 pm

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Kit Reuther Paintings at Sandler Hudson Offer a Slow Reveal

In her exhibition “New Abstractions” at Sandler Hudson Gallery through May 5, Kit Reuther demonstrates anew that a subdued color scheme can be a way of achieving striking paintings. The blandly inoffensive title also implies a problem that, for me, is a major issue. How does one write about a show in which two or three paintings (the ones making fresh use of that extremely subdued palette) stand out as haunting, even though Reuther’s overall approach not only breaks no new ground but in the weakest pieces is little more than repetitive.

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Nashville Fam Courtyard Entrance Crop

The 5 Best Cities in the World With Up-and-Coming Art Scenes

When it comes to cities birthing some of the most innovative and interesting contemporary art around the globe, historical hotbeds of artistic innovation like New York, London and Paris may immediately spring to mind. Even newer kids on the creative block like Los Angeles, Mexico City and Hong Kong have solidified their places as art destinations these days. But there’s plenty happening off the well-worn art pilgrimage path. Here are five cities witnessing big art booms. Not only do these worldwide sites offer unique art experiences, but they are also being credited with pushing the international contemporary art scene in exciting new directions.

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Basketball Bloom (Team USA)

Brandon Donahue

Brandon Donahue is a rad artist whose exhibit RIP is currently hanging at Elephant Gallery. I wrote this story for about Elephant and its artists, including Brandon. We discuss his Basketball Blooms, but mostly stick to RIP, Brandon's experience working as an airbrush artist, and the way to memorialize victims of gun violence while also celebrating their lives. And mussels.

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