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Untitled (Red and White House)
Jared Small
Untitled (Red and White House)
2020 | oil and resin on panel | 12x12 | $3000

Jared Small’s paintings of houses are like portals to another dimension; not Narnia, but the South's rich, historical past. Layers of resin between carefully detailed layers of oil paint dynamically embolden these old homes.

Untitled (Red and White House) is one of those houses commonly seen in Memphis neighborhoods. A simple one level brick structure, white window frames, and that iron mailbox we’ve all had at one point in our history of residences. The lifted window shade says “Hey, I’m home! Come on in­­ but don’t let the cool air out”– classic Southern hospitality. The clear, thick layers of resin create a shiny, reflective surface, one that transports you right into the front yard.

“Resin adds more dimension to the painting, drawing the viewer in further, both visually and mentally and invites the viewer inward." - Small in the catalog for encounters, a solo show at the Huntsville Museum of Art, 2019

First-time admirers of his work often wonder is this a photograph? Is this glass? Nope. He’s just that good. Beyond an outstanding arts education at Memphis’ Overton High School, Small is otherwise self-taught. So what are you doing while in quarantine, again? Might as well follow him on Instagram and look for his upcoming show at DLG in December.

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