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Untitled RE110
Robert Rector
Untitled RE110
2016 | acrylic on paper |18.5x26.5 | $2500

Thick blocks of color and gestural marks slashed across the surface create tension in each composition of Robert Rector’s artwork. A Jekyll and Hyde sort of tension, Rector’s artwork plays around with the ordered and rational, the instinctive and spontaneous, light and darkness.

Splitting his time between studios in the woods of South Louisiana and the Colorado Rockies, heightened dichotomies manifest in his artwork. The two locations influence his color palette, allowing him to concentrate on veils of color reminiscent of crisp colors evocative of the snowcaps of Colorado versus the thick, hazy Louisiana humidity. Untitled RE110 is made of a metallic-y purple and near-red-hot-pink. An unlikely combo, these two electric and expressive colors have just the right amount of differences to unite the composition. It isn’t just physics– opposites attract in art, too.

Of Rector’s work, Memphis culture critic Fredric Koeppel says, “We could call these dichotomies visionary theaters that offer a vivid contrast between restraint and passion, almost between classicism and romanticism. In such manner, with almost Puritanical devotion, Rector cajoles viewers into a mood of speculative deliberation that seeks to harmonize what seems to be the incongruity of surface, mood, hue, and gesture.”

Rector received his BFA and MFA from Louisiana State University. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, including a recent retrospective at the Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge; The Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga; and Gremillion and Company, Houston and Austin. His work is in numerous collections around the globe

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