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Untitled (For N.J.P/E.R.S./F.B.)
Hamlett Dobbins
Untitled (For N.J.P/E.R.S./F.B.)
2018 | acrylic on canvas | 50x60 | $6000

Hamlett Dobbins looks for what us boring and busy folk are quick to pass over as mundane, nostalgic, slow moments. These sparks of life catapult his artistic process. The title of this untitled piece – or (For N.J.P./E.R.S./F.B.)­– offers little in the way of discerning the subject matter and we, as viewers, are required to dig deeper– or if you boring, busy kind prefer, not at all. The surfaces of Dobbin’s abstract paintings are intricate, intentional, and meditative the longer you spend with them and just ask that you stop and look. Abstract art has never been so easy to understand!

The shape-shifting amoebae are in motion, suspended in a world of popping, bleeding colors and patterns and rhythms. The untitle of Dobbin’s work are actually the initials of a person or people who inspired his artwork. His work offers the insight that we’re all capable of tapping into these wild, instantaneous, lovely moments. Yes, even you!

Tennessee native Hamlett Dobbins received his BA in Painting from University of Memphis and his MA and MFA from the University of Iowa. He currently lives and works in Memphis, where he teaches full time at the University of Memphis. He was awarded the prestigious Rome Prize in 2013, which took him to the American Academy in Rome for a year’s study. He currently resides in Memphis is part of the Mellow Mountain Coalition.

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