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Untitled #184 Black
Joyce Gingold
Untitled #184 Black
2017 | Black, bronze | 2x1.25x4 | $800

Born in New York City in 1924, Joyce Gingold has lead an adventurous and chance-taking life. She started a career in editing and publishing, later landing a career in art education right here in Memphis. She and her late husband Lester made the move to Grit City in the 1950s and she began art teaching at St. Mary’s Episcopal School for 40 years. An intuition for form and shape, Gingold was a beloved mentor to many young girls in the arts, perhaps just the boost she needed to take cultivate her own artistic talents.

She studied sculpture at Memphis College of Art, learning from the greats (and some of our favorites!) like Burton Callicott, Ted Faiers, and Veda Reed, their influences clear in the simplified abstracted forms of her porcelain figures, carefully crafted by hand. Minimal lines partner with organic forms in Untitled #184 to give the essence of a petite, chirpy bird. An impression rather than a definition, Gingold’s miniature sculpture invites serenity to movement and joy to the beholder.

The first commercial her show of her artwork was at David Lusk Gallery in 2003 when Gingold was just 79 years old. Gingold’s journey is a testament to her own wisdom, “Find your medium. Find your most particular interest and don’t give it up, the thing you enjoy most.” Amen, sister!

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