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Study for 1975 Sunward
Burton Callicott
Study for 1975 Sunward
1975 | pastel on paper | 9.25x19 | $10000

A staple character of the Memphis art community, Burton Callicott (1907-2003) is best known for his fascination with light­– depicting rainbows, cast shadows, and other apparitions. He sought to illustrate the delicate, ephemeral quality of light morphing, adapting, moving throughout the day in different atmospheres. Seeing light as both the spiritual and physical source of all things, it became his muse for the extent of his career.

“I tried to create a visual of something that was beyond words. It is my hope that people feel this in the presence of my art, feel something of the power and spirit.”

“Mandorla,” Italian for almond and a common word in Callicott’s artistic vocabulary, is the ellipse of golden, heavenly light in which Medieval and early Renaissance artists often depicted Jesus or Mary. In Study for 1975 “Sunward,” Callicott delivers a delightful modern rendition, (except on its side) sending us to our own little corner of heaven.

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