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Snake Bite
Alex Lockwood
Snake Bite
2019 | lottery tickets and plastic | 19x13 | $500

Made out of repurposed, losing lottery tickets and other found plastics, Alex Lockwood’s Snake Bite invokes trompe l’oeil– or basically an optical illusion. This is Lockwood’s thing: working with found materials in bright colors with naturally unique shapes or malleable qualities to make work that keeps you on your toes. At first glance, Snake Bite looks like a garden hose, a household item commonly known to be mistaken for a snake before...and likely vice versa. Sorry if you feel called out. Lockwood has a series of “Lottery Snakes” that coil and twist like pretty objects, tempting your touch with the satisfying folds of hundreds of scrapped lottery tickets.

“The first successful sculpture I ever made was from losing lottery tickets. I’d seen them littering the sidewalk and stacked over the bag ice freezer of my bodega in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. They were beautiful, so easy to collect and packed with hope and disappointment.”

Alex Lockwood is a self-taught artist from Seattle, WA. He currently lives in Nashville and is the owner of Nashville’s Elephant Gallery. If you’re in Nashville you can support your local artist with social distancing and check out Lockwood’s larger-than-life sculptures at First Horizon Park.

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