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Saturday's Storm
Don Estes
Saturday's Storm
2017 | mixed media on panel | 32x36 | $4000

Every Southerner has a storm instinct. You can tell by all those little characteristics of the atmosphere that a storm is a-brewin’– the air is heavy and still, beyond simply humid, the sky is surprisingly multicolored with greens, yellows, and sometimes if it’s about to get real nasty, even a little purple. Memphis artist Don Estes captures that tension right before the clouds burst with wind and rain in Saturday’s Storm.

Estes has spent his artistic career mindfully recreating the texture and sensation of the Southern terrains in all its distinctness through pastels, gouache, and other mixed media. His works abstract the landscape where light, water, and land play and interact. Reducted down to their organic forms, various texture, and rainbows of colors, mimicking how the terrain warps and adapts through time.

Don Estes received his BFA and MFA from the University of Memphis. Estes has participated in exhibitions in Boston, New York, Nashville, Austin, and Amsterdam. His work is in the collections of Duncan Williams, Inc., Memphis; Memphis Brooks Museum of Art; Mercury Investment Management, Memphis; NexAir, Memphis; Regions Insurance, Memphis; and Wunderlich Securities, Memphis, among others. He was an original founder of Number: A Quarterly of the Visual Arts, as well as a pioneer of the South Main Arts District. His Second Floor Contemporary Gallery (1999-2005) was an important non-commercial art space for new work by regional and national artists. Be on the lookout for his show at DLG Memphis in July, too.

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