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Phantom Drift
Maysey Craddock
Phantom Drift
2019 | gouache and thread on found paper | 38.25x50.5 | $14000

Partnered with nature-inspired scenes, the bags “complete the cycle from materials to imagery, calling attention to the ephemerality of the natural world and the crisis of misuse and destruction that threatens it.” Her sentiments strike close to home­ right here on the bluff of the Mississippi. Nothing about her work isn’t homey for us southern folk.

Craddock’s pieces focus on the topography of the southern region. Pathways of color delicately wind throughout each composition. For a moment they are abstract in their design, but Craddock’s paintings become a familiar language to those of us who know the curves and twists of the Mississippi and linger on memories of nature’s backlit shapes on a bright day. Much of Craddock’s work is derived from photographs and videos taken in Perdido Bay, Alabama where she has been documenting the landscapes for years in an effort to explore themes of disintegration, fragility, entropy, resilience­– bloom where you’re planted, right?

Born and raised, Maysey now currently lives and works in Memphis. She received an MFA from Maine College of Art, Portland, ME and a BA in Sculpture and Anthropology from Tulane University in New Orleans. In April, she will reveal a new sculptural work for her alma mater, St. Mary’s Episcopal School.

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