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Nuptials of Important Personages
Tad Lauritzen Wright
Nuptials of Important Personages
$6000 | acrylic on panel | 21.5x15.5x2.5

Through Tad Lauritzen Wright’s art career, his work has always been playful in its exploration of the relationship between line, space, and color. You’ve seen his single-line drawings of faces, buildings and cityscapes, and even some Greek mythology. Wright’s giant, rock-like white and black sculpture is iconic, too. But for his January show Between a Thought and a Thing at DLG, Wright’s work took a turn for the colorful.

While spending time in Mexico City last summer, Wright was mesmerized by the abundance of color that illuminated the streets of the city, and its masterful traditions of handmade arts and crafts. Just like his drawings and sculpture, the pieces in his newest body of work still “engage imperfections of the handmade. The handmade structures are equally as important for me as the surfaces of the work,” he says of the work. Nuptials of Important Personages is a series of wooden cut-outs, staged together in a glorious ceremony where sculpture and painting are united in holy matrimony by light play, complimenting colors, and space. A perfect marriage if you ask us.

Tad Lauritzen Wright, a Texan, received an MFA from Memphis College of Art and a BFA from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Over the past twenty years, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States and helped founded the Mellow Mountain Arts Coalition. Looking for a surprise? Check out the bathrooms of Dodici Bar in Memphis and DLG. Wright’s work will give you plenty to stay occupied.

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