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Night Vision
Pinkey Herbert
Night Vision
2019 | mixed media on paper | 41x29 | $4000

A fan of dualism, it seems right that Pinkney Herbert has studio spaces in Memphis, TN– our beloved mellow, Southern home– and the bustling, sleepless New York City. His trademark gestural brushstrokes and bold color pallet speak to Herbert’s zest for the city life. He considers abstraction to be a powerful language where cool and warm, light and dark, soft, and hard play off one another to create visual tension. These contradictions simulate that wild, breathless feeling of strutting the sidewalks of your favorite city.

Night Vision might as well be a glimpse into Herbert’s artist's mind. Neon colors and pitch-black strokes slash and swerve across the page– a seemingly chaotic composition comes into perfect balance through their extremes. The colors aren’t your conventional, Mr. Nice Artist. No, Herbert reveals the grittiness, the spontaneity, and yet the excitement and vivacity of a city through these electric colors and graffiti-like marks.

Of his work, Herbert says “my intent is to allow for the funky raw history of Memphis to collide with the frenetic energy of New York City. This dichotomy fires my intuitive impulses, allowing them to surface and meet head-on in an ever-changing conflict between the emotional and cerebral. The gestural marks attempt to bridge that gap. During the last few years, my goal has been to expand my abstract language to question and illuminate the connections and contradictions between my interior world and the real world.”

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Herbert received his BA from Rhodes College and MFA from the University of Memphis. Herbert earned Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Tennessee Arts Commission, and USIA- Arts America. In addition to exhibiting across the United States, he frequently shows his work in Japan and Southeast Asia. Did you like this year’s poster for the Memphis River Arts Festival? Yeah, he did that, too!

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