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Catherine Erb
2019 | mixed media photo encaustic on paper on panel | 24x36 | $3000

Not steel, but mixed media photo encaustic on paper on panel magnolias. Probably not a blockbuster movie title, but a great work by Memphis-based artist Catherine Erb.

In her newest series, Catherine Erb distorts her images until nothing but vague shapes and colors are discernible. The encaustic evokes the sensation of memory, like something sitting just on the tip of your tongue. Simultaneously familiar and indistinct, Erb informs the viewer of the content of the photograph through conjured memories of place rather than detail and explanation.

The photographs, dripping with encaustic wax and mounted on wooden panels, unite the eye of the photographer and the hand of the artist. Together, Erb’s subject matter and chosen materials break down the predictability of the photographic medium and usher excitement for her creative and talented eye. Check out her cloudscapes, too– they’re her trademark. We all could use a reminder to get outside and look up right now.

Erb has had solo exhibitions in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; Austin, Texas; Savannah, Georgia; and Greenwich, Connecticut. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, The New Southern, and Nashville Arts Magazine.

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