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Lighten Up
Kelly Williams
Lighten Up
2017 | , acrylic, vinyl and oil paint on wood | 48x48 | $4800

Attention to detail, careful hands, and wild patience run in the Williams family. As the daughter of a prolific seamstress, Williams’ paintings feature compelling and often personally significant patterns that explore the notion of a feminine personal space. Her work resides at the intersection of abstraction and representation– a space revealed to her through the meticulous and often physically rigorous, rhythmic repetition of marks in a unique painting process.

Her wood panels may be circular, but Williams spins no wheels in her process. Once the oil paint is applied to the wooden panel, the paintings have to be re-worked before drying completely. She sets in a nail and begins systematically scraping away the top layer of paint to unearth intricate patterns. The tight, meticulous and repetitive nature is reminiscent of rituals and habits.

Williams lives in Nashville. She graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Studio Art and from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2004 with her MFA. She has attended and participated in numerous residency programs nationally and internationally, such as the Yale Summer School for Art and Music and the Terra Foundation in Giverny, France. She had been awarded many grants and awards including the WK Rose Fellowship in 2002 and the Carrell Artist Award in 2010.

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