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Life After Life
David Onri Anderson
Life After Life
2019 | acrylic and graphite on raw canvas, 28x22

Life after Life is what we all need more of: bananas, dancin’, and David Onri Anderson.

The artwork of Nashville artist David Onri Anderson channels the cosmos and invites the philosophical. The subjects of his creative pursuits are often things that are (seemingly) useless and leftover­ like banana peels, apple cores, eggshells, and melted candles. We might toss these items right into the compost but Anderson elevates them by use of echoing forms, repetitive and meditative patterns, and light but indulgent colors. His style evokes the grounding, earthy spiritualism of Georgia O’Keeffe but takes Op art for a contemporary, otherworldly spin.

Anderson’s paintings are on the petite side which makes them all the more enthralling. His preparatory pencil sketches remain visible on the canvas under thin layers of bright paint. A frequent mushroom forager, Anderson wastes nothing and is constantly on the hunt for found materials like burlap, campfire ashes, and even detritus to incorporate into his artwork. Bits and pieces of his discoveries can be spotted throughout his canvases, suspended in dry paint. The mixed elements of 2D, 3D, and geometric patterns are a little trippy when you look too long. But we aren’t complaining.

Anderson is a recent graduate of Watkins College of Art and making a lot of noise in the contemporary art scene. Since a review in “Art in America” in September of 2018, he’s gained national recognition, and an exhibition at Patrick Painter Gallery in Los Angeles in March of 2019 certainly put him on the list of up and comers. Be cool and be the first to see it all by following his Instagram: @davidonri

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