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Greely Myatt
2019 | broom handle and alabaster | 20x5x7 | $1000

Like a good southerner, Greely Myatt knows how to tell a story. Locally found materials like alabaster and wood take on a visual vocabulary with a southern twang. In this series of woodworks, the materials have superhero origin stories– a childhood tree rescued from the jaws of a chipper sanded into beauty, lumber reused from the walls of a crumbling historic building morphed into the perfect ensemble. Once composed, opposing concepts advance the plot and take on witty visual cues. The way the story is told, his method of presentation, brings viewers to the climax of the story: a green broom handle projecting out from the wall...how?! An artist’s magic. Then, like a plot twist, there's an alabaster nail hammered into the broomstick– because, why not?

Myatt knows how to compose his story. “The combination of the old and new, sturdy and fragile, found and made are the counterpoints of these simple pieces," he says. "I suppose they are simply ways to make work that draws from both the outside world and the private workshop. Things that are given and things that are designed.”

Greely Myatt was born in Mississippi, and lives and works in West Memphis, AR where he is renovating an old Dabbs Store as a home and studio. He recently retired as a professor at the University of Memphis and is enjoying more time with his wife and two pit bulls. The Minneapolis Museum of Art recently acquired ROOMRUG, a room-sized installation of broom handles and mirrors.

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