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Marcia Meyers
1993 | fresco on linen | 58x30 | $30000

If you’re itching to scratch that travel bug, or longing for a stroll through an Italian villa with a glass of vino in your hand, indulge yourself in the artwork of Marcia Myers­ (1949-2008). Her layered frescoes evoke a European state-of-mind with a lustrous and textured color palette, and Roman-wall scale.

Myers would never forget being a student and witnessing the hauntingly, near-perfectly preserved frescoes of Pompeii, and her artwork was forever impacted so affectionately by those memories. Pompeiian excavations and Etruscan frescos, Italian Renaissance meets modern 20th-century abstract expressionism and color field in the artwork of Marcia Myers. Historical references of the European past are saturated beneath the layered surfaces of her pieces. Using materials from fresco, to glaze, marble dust and age-old pigments such as ocher and lapis lazuli, Meyers delves into a rich tradition making her own product contemporary while paying homage to art historical pasts.

Studying first at the Philadelphia College of Art, Myers received her MFA from George Washington University and later was awarded a Fulbright Grant which took her abroad to Italy. Her artwork is spread around the world featured in collections in the Denver Art Museum, The Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C., and Boise Art Museum, not to mention in collections abroad in Vienna and Brussels.

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