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I'm Going Inside Before It Gets Any Darker
Bill Killebrew
I'm Going Inside Before It Gets Any Darker
2017 | oil on panel | 24 x 18 | $2500

For Nashville artist Bill Killebrew, it’s more about the process than the result. His artwork does not subscribe to any mainstream ideology and rather takes on its own characteristics. Released from external pressure and self-expectations, Killebrew paints according to what he sees and how he likes it. A true southerner, ain’t he? Taking the simple, humdrum moments of southern living like the fading summer golden hour or dropping by for a visit, he electrifies them with thick, textured layers of paint and universalizes them with witty titles.

A friend and former classmate Wayne White (Emmy winner, internationally recognized puppeteer, animator, and cartoonist) said in an interview in Nashville Arts Magazine: “Out of pure love for the craft, he has steadily created thousands of paintings and drawings for forty years, without gallery shows, media attention, or any kind of attention at all. It’s a true and steady vision. It's deep and personal poetry that expresses the beauty of daily life as seen in figures, interiors, landscapes and still life’s. It’s the first really good painting that I saw face to face as a green kid fresh out of Chattanooga and the standard I always measured my early attempts against. Bill was my first art hero and he still is. Every time I visit Nashville, I make a beeline to his studio to groove on the latest masterpieces. It cheers me up just knowing he’s out there painting away.”

Killebrew’s color palette and brushstrokes are energetic and emotional, and their titles give them an extra flare. I’m Going Inside Before It Gets Any Darker signals an ending. The figure in the composition is barely visible, but their back is to the viewer with sandals in hand. A day well spent in the summer sun but as the darkness and mosquitoes descend, we agreeably follow, seeking air-conditioned refuge indoors.

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