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Hydrangea X
Beth Edwards
Hydrangea X
2017 | Hydrangea X | oil on canvas | 42x66 | $10000

Memphis artist Beth Edwards is best known for her hyperrealist still life paintings­. In recent years, Edwards has been indulging us with her super-zoomed flower studies. Daffodils, Morning Glories, and Hydrangeas all get the spotlight as Edwards works their best angles multiple times over. Edwards produces each painting in full, extreme, delicate detail and nothing goes unfinished. Looking at her flower paintings are like looking through the eyes of Superman– crisp, precise, and dare we say perfect.

“Each piece is a record of a steady, meditative painting process – hopefully imbuing these innocuous subjects with what the art historian, Norman Bryson termed a ‘meticulous particularity.’ I am interested in how something so slight can have an impact. The paintings are meant to be both life-affirming and elegiac.”

Standing in front of Hydrangea X is enormous in scale so you may begin to feel more like Ant-Man but who wouldn’t want to rest in the bright blue petals of these hydrangeas? For Edwards, what’s in the shadows is as important as what’s in the light. Her colors are in high contrast, bringing to life each hue of these luminous flowers– a still life comes to life under Edward’s hand.

Edwards was born in Alabama and lives and works in Memphis. She received a BFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and an MFA from Indiana University. The daughter of a painter and arts educator, Edwards has had an active 30-year career painting, exhibiting and teaching. She has taught painting at the University of Memphis since 2000 and is the recipient of many awards, grants, commissions, and residencies. Recent awards and honors include the Arts Accelerator Grant, ArtsMemphis; Emmett O’Ryan Award for Artistic Inspiration from ArtsMemphis; Willow Park Mural, UrbanArt Commission for the City of Memphis; and awarded artist for Memphis in May honoring Sweden in 2013.

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