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Cm hendricks emerger
Colin McLain
Cm hendricks emerger

Memphis art critic Frederic Koeppel's observation of Colin McLain’s artwork that he “allows brushstrokes and their own habitation and character on the surface” is right on point. A little spooky, a tad whimsical, and a bit Van-Gogh-esque, McLain’s oil paintings harken to art history’s love affair with painting studies of creatures and romanticizing trinkets and doo-dads in dimly lit, scientific-like settings.

If you like to fish, you probably already know Hendricks Emerger is a specific way to tie a fishing hook. (Or something like that– we do art here.) McLain gives life to an otherwise lifeless subject, exaggerating the light shimmering off the squiggly and wiggly feathers as if it is floating through the water innocently waiting to snatch its prey. The rendering of the fishing hook is realistic yet playful, mysterious yet obvious. At least to us, perhaps not to a hungry swimmer.

McLain graduated with a BFA from the Tyler School of Arts at Temple University, studying abroad in both Rome and Italy where he grew a deep interest in Italian Renaissance art traditions. His work has caught the attention of publications such as the New York Times and New American Painting, and been shown in exhibitions in Italy, New York City, and Memphis.

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