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Great Field Barn, Nesting
Dolph Smith
Great Field Barn, Nesting
| watercolor on paper | 19.5x29 | $8000

Growing up in rural Arkansas, fine and fancy and original art was nothing Dolph Smith had ever been exposed to before he went to college at Memphis State. Good grades in art class unveiled a hidden passion that served him well in life. From sculpture, watercolor, and even the old art of bookmaking, Smith is an artist of many talents and tricks.

Great Field Barn, Nesting is a lovely piece from Smith’s earlier landscape days. Dolph moved on from landscapes eventually, but here we get to witness a true master of watercolor. His brushstrokes glide with the breeze felt throughout the composition and that grass looks delightful. As the viewer, we want to scale the hill and see what is inside that mysterious barn. With those utterly cheerful colors and a small crack in the frame, nothing is telling us not to!

Smith taught and learning alongside his students at the Memphis College of Art for 30 years, later to be presented with an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts. Close friends with Burton Callicot, we know we are in good company with Smith. Especially because in his free time he’s known to get out the potato gun.

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