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Family Reunion
Jerry Lynn
Family Reunion
2018 | acrylic on canvas | 48x36 | $5500

With the initial ten years of his career spent as part of a dynamic duo with his twin brother Terry– then known as TWIN– artist Jerry Lynn’s familial influence is undeniable throughout his work. It colorfully depicts scenes of stories told and Black narratives passed down, honing in on a characteristic style with repeating visual motifs through his marks and figures. When you see a piece by Jerry Lynn, you know.

Though Lynn and his brother have parted artistic paths, Lynn has grown his practice to be further abstracted and expressionistic. Bold swaths of thick acrylic paint compose the swirling composition of Family Reunion, while thinly applied organic lines and forms heighten a sense of energy and connection among the figures. Lynn draws, drips, blots, strokes, stipples, and smears paint across his canvas to create what the imagination so vividly and richly sees when stories are told at family gatherings. Families, and Jerry Lynn, always know how to keep it interesting.

Jerry Lynn was born and raised in Arlington, Tennessee just outside Memphis. He graduated from University of Memphis in 2001 and remained in Memphis for many years. He currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. His artwork has been included in publication of Nashville Art Magazine, and you can venture out to see his work locally at Southwest Tennessee Community College, the office of the Shelby County Mayor, Memphis First Community Bank, Banker Donelson, and many more. Stay up to date with him on his Instagram: @artbyjerrylynn

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