Daily Special

Ted Faiers
1975 | woodcut | 10x12 | $2000

Cow’s don’t normally have see-through holes in them, but anything goes in the artwork of Ted Faiers, doesn’t it? Ted Faiers (1908-1985) produced thousands of paintings, drawings and woodcuts throughout his artistic career spent in Canada, New York, and Memphis. Faiers drew inspiration from his surroundings, but also had a wild imagination, as is apparent in Buttercup. True to his times, his woodcuts from the late 1950s and 60s mimic fashion trends, colors, and sensibilities with their fluid and bulbous shapes, and the influence of pop art is certainly traceable. Even with the volume of prints he produced, each one has an individualized and charming flare to it.

“I can’t claim the paintings are terribly profound, but I have a lot of fun doing them and they may have special meaning to individuals. They can interpret them to their own background and knowledge.”

If that isn’t the meaning of art, then what is? Fisherman, horse riders, dancing queens, and non-objective, geometric forms make these fun works easy to look at, and remind us to not take ourselves too seriously. Need a good laugh or some artistic inspiration? Turn on The Foundations and take a look through Faier’s works on our website.

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