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Terry Lynn
2020 | acrylic, collage on paper | 70x42 | $7000

This piece by Memphis-based artist Terry Lynn was included in Fables, a recent group show at DLG Nashville inspired by Aesop's fables. With Aesop as his catalyst, Lynn depicts here (a rather fashionable) Brer Rabbit, a favorite trickster in African American oral traditions. So with some Air Force 1's, Brer is a nod to a more modern reference for Black Americans as the character comes namely from Uncle Remus's stories. A trickster in African culture is also known as a teacher, entertainer, judge, and philosopher. Thus, his cunning and resourceful qualities have remained valuable symbols of hope and persistence to African Americans in the fight for racial justice.

Terry used to paint under the name TWIN with his identical twin brother Jerry. Now that we think about it, it would be really easy to be Brer-Rabbited by these two.

Terry Lynn his BFA from the University of Memphis and his MFA from the University of Mississippi, and currently lives and works in Memphis. He was selected as Artist for the South City Sculpture Project by the Urban Art Commission in Memphis in support of the South City housing redevelopment project. You can check out his work on his Instagram: @terrylynnartist

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