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Blue Flower with Purple Center
George Dombek
Blue Flower with Purple Center
2015 | watercolor on paper | 20x20 | $8000

Nationally known for his iconic, colossal watercolor paintings of Arkansas barns, George Dombek gives us something even more delicate and fragile with Blue Flower with Purple Center. A blue flower with a purple center! This piece, along with other flowers and minimalist nature scenes, appears in Dombek’s latest show here at DLG Memphis. He has gone from “the whole nine yards” to “up close and personal” without sacrificing his signature ability to render the drama of light and shadow or the tender, individual detail of his subject matter.

It is easy to see Dombek’s training as an architect and artist even in his recent paintings of flowers and grass blades. Sure, these are “plants” but are they plants? The precision with which Dombek shapes each petal edge, the luminous yet hard color almost read as metal or carved wood the closer you look. Ceci n’est pas une fleur…?

George Dombek lives and works at his home/studio outside of Fayetteville, AR. He received a B.Arch in Architecture and an MFA in Painting at the University of Arkansas, and taught architecture and art at universities in Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. Over a 40-year career he has generated a body of work included in over 800 corporate and private collections, and many museum collections, including Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR; Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock; Birmingham Museum of Art, AL; Butler Museum, Youngstown, OH.

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