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Basketball Bloom (Kentucky Princess)
Brandon Donahue
Basketball Bloom (Kentucky Princess)
2018 | basketball and shoestrings | 36x36 | $4000

Memphis born and Nashville based artist Brandon Donahue made his start custom airbrushing at t-shirt and car shops, athletic events, and carnivals. For Donahue, the process of personalization is sacred and offers the opportunity to more authentically connect with an object– regardless of what that object may be. His two main processes of re-assemblage and airbrushing bridge the gap between traditionally-defined low and high art cultures. In an art world striving for accessibility, Donahue’s basketball blooms have just the remedy.

Using fallen street signs, and forgotten sports equipment and apparel, Donahue’s basketball blooms are arranged into intricate, layered compositions that are often themed to a specific team or player. The center of Basketball Bloom (Kentucky Princess) is formed out of the University of Kentucky basketballs, the ultimate step up from a team foam finger– or the ultimate revenge if you’re a Memphis Tiger’s fan. Since you don’t have any March Madness games to be watching, check out Donahue’s website for more basketball mandalas, sculptures, and other sweet assemblages at brandonjaquezdonahue.com.

He received an MFA from the University of Tennessee and his BFA from Tennessee State University. Before receiving his MFA, Donahue spent a year at the Lorenzo De Medici School of the Arts in Florence, Italy. He has had recent solo exhibitions in Nashville at Vanderbilt University, Oz Arts, and Seed Space; Wrather West Kentucky Museum, KY; and Athica Institute for Contemporary Art, Athens, GA; and numerous group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. Adventure out on a safe-from-the-car mural hunt and check out his most recent mural on 150 Madison commissioned by Downtown Memphis.

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