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Backyard Sky at Sundown Study No. 1
Veda Reed
Backyard Sky at Sundown Study No. 1
2019 | oil on panel | 10x10 | $4000

Always seeking new horizons and better skies, Veda Reed has been painting the sky for over six decades. A student during “The Golden Age” of the Memphis College of Art, Reed made her mark in the Memphis art sphere. She served the MCA community as a faculty member for years and later as dean. Though she’s lived in and worked in Memphis since 1952, her atmospheric paintings prove that the only thing that is constant is change.

Shifting skies inspire her artwork and her color pallet is key. Reed applies layers of brilliant color and glazes to the canvas, wiping and smudging them to reveal a pure surface and extremely little brushwork. Flat swaths of colors simplify forms and shadows yet are called to amplify the melting sunsets and glowing clouds just beyond the horizon. As viewers, we stand below quietly observing the miraculous wonder of Reed’s atmosphere.

Reed received a BFA from Memphis College of Art and studied at Siena College in Memphis and the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Reed has works in numerous museums and collections across the country and DLG is grateful to be a regular witness to her talent.

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