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Robert Yasuda
$15000 | acrylic polymer on fabric on wood | 26x43 |

With a nearly six-decade career, Robert Yasuda has created a body of work that emulates emotions in flux, shifting daylight, and one’s own movement. The contemplative, poetic nature of his work reflects the sensibilities of his heritage, and Buddhist teachings from his childhood make their way into the fabric and frame of Yasuda's work.

His more recent works are named for his roots in Hawaii. Rich blues surround dark expanses and textured greens take the viewer well below the surface of the water, taking us on an underwater exploration. Amakua is a fish native to the islands, and in this work layers of acrylic polymer and sheer fabric weave and shimmer together like the bright scales of the sea creature. Like in many of his pieces, the wooden base of the piece is sculpted, and rather than a simple four-sided painting, the work becomes sculptural. Yasuda’s works are deeply experiential: the careful crafting of the edges transcends us to the middle of the ocean and urges the possibility of a lively school of Amakua bursting through the gleaming surface of the piece.

Born in Hawaii in 1940, Yasuda moved to New York in the 50s where he still resides. First exhibiting in 1965, Yasuda has had 30 solo exhibitions internationally and over 80 group exhibitions to date including shows at PS 1 MoMA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and Corcoran Museum of Art in Wahington, DC. Once our beloved museums reopen, you’ll recognize his work in collections all over the country from The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.,The Brooklyn Museum, The McNay Museum in San Antonio Texas, and the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to name a few.

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