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Christina Renfer Vogel
2019 | oil and acrylic on canvas | 29.25x23 | $1800

Are you longing for the outdoors, soaking up every bit of sunshine, and doing your best to stay hydrated? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might be a houseplant. But that’s not such a bad gig when you get a look at the charming plant portraits by Christina Renfer Vogel.

Treated like royalty, Vogel’s plant portraits get lights, hair, and makeup. Inspired by patterns found around the house, each of her plant portraits features a spunky background to suit their individuality­. Alike reflects Vogel’s interest in studying the exchange in relationships and between figures and space­. The leaves of those stems nearly become the zebra-printed fabric behind it, or is it the other way around? The result is a beautiful and funky collection of plant portraits titled Homebodies (admit it, we’re totally plants right now!) that capture the fleeting moments of growth and the sense of joy in the mundane. Vogel’s use of contrasting color planes creates a dance of shadows and light that emphasize the characteristic twists and turns of a houseplant overflowing its potted home.

Right now, we might be more alike to our houseplants that we imagined we could be. But take heart, friends! We are made to weather these storms.

Originally from New Jersey, Renfer Vogel has studied in Rome, Philadelphia, and Boston, and exhibited in galleries from Memphis to Omaha. She and her houseplant companions have found their current home in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she teaches painting at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

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