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Kit Reuther
2019 | wood stain | 70x17x11 | $8000

Nashville-based artist Kit Reuther started out with aspirations of being an interior designer but the artist bug eventually got her– and aren’t we all better for it. Reuther is a well-rounded artist, showing skill in 2D and 3D with a variety of mixed media. She stretches the life of a neutral pallet with different hues and materials, creating playful mediations on the interactions of color, line, and space. Her sculptures communicate a deep sense of order, balance, and harmony revealed through her natural ability working with wood. She makes it look easy. Her minimalist nature is one Marie Kondo would approve of– every element has a purpose and nothing is wasted. “Each shape will go through a process of carving, sanding and fitting, putting them together like a piece of a puzzle” Reuther tells us– a very satisfying puzzle.

Kit Reuther was born and raised in Nashville. She is a graduate of the O’More School of Design and has been awarded artist fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. The brand new Thompson Hotel in Washington, D.C. just installed two monumental Reuther sculptures in their lobby. And lucky for you, Kit Reuther has a show coming up in Nashville with DLG in 2020.

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